Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly dishes on her shoe situation and the conversation with Asa about Iran.

on Jan 21

Hi Everyone,
Sorry to turn in my blog so late in the week, I have been battling a horrible case of the flu the past few days. Our health really is so, so precious, we should be thankful for every day that we are healthy and alive.
On to the episode! And, oh what an episode it was, by far one of my favorites as of yet.
The yoga scene with Asa and Reza -- OMG poor Reza, LOL. I applaud him for finishing the class. It looked like he was about to fall over and faint, but he kept going. I have to admit, it looked more difficult than the training session he and I did with my trainer last season. The best part is how easy Asa made it look. I’m glad the yoga instructor said the things she said, and I’m happy to see Reza taking them to heart.
I do think Reza is being too hard on Mike. Mike is a good friend to Reza, he was merely defending the underdog and sticking up for what he believed was right. That doesn’t make him a bad friend to Reza, he never put Reza down or did anything to diminish him while he was defending Sasha. Time to forgive Mike, Reza.