Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly thinks MJ definitely broke the Girl Code.

on Dec 11, 2013

I threw myself a birthday bash for my 30th this year, so I think Coconut deserves a party too. She’s turning 4 this year (or 28 years old in human years), which means it's the last year that I’ll be older than her.  While I’m still the older mommy, I’m going to do a very motherly thing and have a party in her honor.
I wasn’t sure how the party would turn out since she doesn’t like to be outside very much, but I think she had a really good time. I invited all her doggy friends, and instead of a cake, I got her what she loves the most, a rotisserie chicken!
Everyone that was invited has a dog (since it’s a dog party!) with the exception of Asa. Even though Asa doesn’t have a dog, I really miss hanging out with her, and her positive energy in general, so I wanted her to be there.
Overall, I think Coconut had fun, but that party was SO much more work than I anticipated. I think it will be her last big birthday party.