Lilly Ghalichi

It's clear to Lily that MJ is intimidated by her.

on Nov 12, 2013

I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to let Reza bring me into his group of “Persian” friends in the first place, but at this headache of a dinner I definitely realize I do not belong here, so I leave. It is disappointing and hurtful because I have become close to and love everyone in the group, but the last thing I need are fake friends. I have plenty of real friends that I can surround myself with that are positive, drama-free, and hardworking. So, I'm done.  

With that said, I have been working very hard and just launched my third company, a line of ultra luxe, 100% human hair clip-in extensions called "Lilly Hair." Check out to see how you can get your own larger-than-life, Texas-sized #GhalichiGLAM hair, and keep working towards your own dreams!!

Lilly Ghalichi

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