Mike: "I'm No One's Bitch"

Mike compares his friendship with MJ to his friendship with Reza.

Love, hate, and anal glands! What a crazy episode. I'm a real estate agent by day and a veterinarian by night. It's cute --I'm like MJ's surrogate husband. I pay my dog groomer to clean my dog's anal glands, not MJ though -- she's more hands on! Ha! That's what friends are for -- to help each other through the good and the bad. Unfortunately, Reza doesn't seem to feel that way. I left a booming commercial real estate business to join forces with who I thought was my best friend,but it seems like he had other intentions on his mind. I'm no one's bitch.

It's cool to see my girl Mercedes sticking up for herself with Lilly. It's about time that she speaks up and let's everyone know that she's not the one to mess with! I wonder how this will all play out.

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