Cast Blog: #SHAHS

Mike Takes GG's Side

Mike thinks MJ is in the wrong when it comes to her beef with GG.

Hello Shahs fans! Missed you all last week. This week episode was action packed. What's up with Leila and GG? Sisters should love one another and be ride or die. These two just want to kill each other.

MJ is hilarious! She's relishing in the fact that she pissed of GG? Mercedes did GG wrong! She broke the friend code, ratting her out about what she did with Shayan! Mercedes should apologize for being low down. GG has every right to be pissed off. I'm on GG's side on this one. Lilly and her glam squad are hilarious. They look like they always have fun together. Who knew that wig shopping can be so hilarious?

Mercedes getting spray tanned -- television magic!!! She is the modern day Lucille Ball. Absolutely hilarious. Love this girl!
Shopping with my girls was so much fun! I'm definitely a mama’s boy. If you had a mom like mine, you would be too. I've been blessed with a wonderful woman that raised me and now I have incredible one who completes me.

Is it just me or is the conversation between Reza and Lilly like two women having a falling out? Man up, Rez! You and Lilly were never that close. Reza is the only person who is close to Reza. Everyone else is just a prop in his life.
Asa, your art show was very creative. Follow your passion, even if some may not understand it. I don't really get the Eazy E aspect of the show. You said that Eazy E is your body? That's weird, you know how he died right? Had a fun time though -- from Reza’s "suit" to Jessica checking MJ! BTW it wasn't that I don't have my girlfriend’s back, it's that I wanted for her to keep it classy! Impressive night!

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Asifa: Bobby's Mom and I are at Odds

Asifa Mirza dishes on her relationship with Bobby's mom. Do you get along with Bobby's mom?
Asifa Mirza: It wouldn't be unconventional for me to say that most women don't get along with their mother-in-law. With that said I'm dealing with a mother-in-law who has only one child and is currently single, so her son is the only immediate family she has. She is a very nice lady, but is extremely biased towards her son and is in denial of her son's issues and faults. Unlike Bobby's mother, my mother stays out of our issues and never states that her daughter is perfect and everything is Bobby's fault. When I started to have issues my mother said to me, "Asifa, you are an adult and have the power to make mature choices. If you are having issues, then go to counseling or leave." On the other hand, Bobby's mother gets involved to the point where she's on the phone while we are having an argument. She constantly states that everything is my fault and that her son only started to have a temper when he met me. She is blinded by ego and pride, and it's easier for her to blame me than to take responsibility for her child's upbringing. Bobby and I come from two different upbringings, he saw his mother go through multiple divorces, and she is now single. While I came from parents who argued, disagreed, but worked hard to stay together and a create a strong family unit. For me divorce was never a topic growing up, but for Bobby that's all he saw. I don't have a perfect family and my parents constantly point out the things I do wrong (I know I have flaws), but Bobby's mother thinks she is perfect, her son is perfect, and that if anything goes wrong, it’s my fault. She and I are at odds and are very indifferent towards one another. But as his mother, I do need to put my differences aside and have more respect for her. Is Bobby too much of a mama's boy?
AM: Bobby is the epitome of a mama’s boy, and so are a lot of other men. Do you think Reza made the right decision calling off the wedding?
AM: Yes, I feel that Reza wasn't confident at the time and didn't know what he wanted. He made the right choice by taking his time and thinking things through.

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