Cast Blog: #SHAHS

Will Mike Put a Ring on It?

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Cry Me a River

Mike: Master Negotiator

Lilly: Ain't Nobody Got Time for This

Why Can't MJ Just Say "I'm Sorry"?

Will Mike Put a Ring on It?

Mike shares his bling budget for Jessica and responds to Reza's comments.

Hmmm,, although it felt a little awkward the way Reza apologized to Sasha (kind of contrived), I'm glad he did. It was way overdue! Sasha handled it very well. I feel that these two could be friends if they put their differences aside.

Ring shopping for the love of my life! Kia at Stein Diamonds has such a beautiful collection of engagement rings. It made it so difficult to choose! I want to get Jessica something very special. Now I know the range of prices and how much money will get me what kind of ring. I definitely need to stack my chips. The ring I want is about $50k. I'm proud of GG for being honest with Sean and telling him about her kiss at Lilly's party. He deserves to know the truth! Sean handled himself very well. I was very impressed at how calm he was with the news. Better that they find out it's not going to work now before things got more serious.

Caviar shopping at the mall? From a vending machine? Classy! LOL NOT! Then to keep telling your guests over and over and over again how much it cost...even classier! I'm glad that I was the topic of conversation throughout the entire dinner. BTW, Reza jan, I got deals, brother. Lots of them. Just not dumb enough to bring money to the table if you won't reciprocate. Poker night was fun! Always a good time hanging with Johny and Tony. Although, they are enticing me with the flash and cash...I don't know if I'm ready to jump into business with them just yet. Let's see if these guys can put their money where their mouth is.