Nadine Rajabi

Ep 4: Why is it so hard for MJ to apologize and so easy for GG to pitch a tent?!

on Nov 27, 2013

Can we just talk about GG pitching a tent for a minute? The girl can’t keep her cool long enough to keep her hoops on in a fight, but she can pitch a tent? I’m impressed. I like this side of GG. 

Long story short, after everyone got settled (finally), and MJ realized she couldn’t wear high heels at a campground, they decided to suit up and go white water rafting. While rafting, MJ broke a nail, but took the opportunity to closely inspect her nails over a smoke. 

There has to be some law about not smoking while WHITE WATER RAFTING! I digress…

GG confronted MJ very maturely on the raft and gave MJ an opportunity to apologize and what did MJ do? Tell GG she was genuinely not sorry before hitting the white water rapids. Yikes! 

Reza on the other hand, had bigger problems on his hand… no, not the rapids, and not MJ and GG. Poor thing looked like Mario from Super Mario Bros. 

Thankfully, everyone made it out alive from white water rafting and after a heart-to-heart between MJ and Reza, they all had s’mores by the campfire. 

Before we get to MJ and GG part deux, can someone tell this poor Persian she’s on camera when eating a marshmallow?

After everyone had fun with their respective marshmallows, GG and MJ got into it (how many times have I written this sentence this past two seasons?). After a lot of back and fourth, GG asked the million-dollar question to MJ, “why is my relationship your business?” GG’s right. MJ as a friend can absolutely have an opinion, but the fact that she keeps meddling and is so stubborn to not apologize is beyond me. 

It got to the point where GG’s dad even got involved, but MJ is so damn stubborn, she apologized for not being sorry. Or as MJ calls it, “Sorry. Not sorry.” It’s funny… as I watch MJ I think to myself—she might apologize, she might just do it… and when it comes down to apologizing, she just won’t do it and CAN’T. It’s as if she’s allergic to it. She went as far as apologizing for inconveniencing GG, for causing trouble, for GG being upset, but she still doesn’t think she did anything wrong. 

No MJ, technically, you told the truth. Is there a girl code you broke and did you break your friend’s trust? Yes. If the reverse were to happen to MJ, she would have lost her sh--. 

All MJ has to do is apologize for opening her big mouth. How hard is that to do? Instead she’s going through all this trouble and crazymaking for what? As for GG… I’m proud of her. She kept her cool a lot more than last week (frankly, more than she has in two seasons), and she had some very valid points. MJ is just being stubborn and can’t admit she’s wrong. 

Lesson for the future? MJ needs to wear one of Asa’s facemasks to keep her big mouth shut. 

Until next week…

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Nadine Rajabi is a television producer, writer, and stand-up comedian from Los Angeles. Most  importantly she's Bravo’s in-house Persian.