Nadine Rajabi

Looks like Reza and Mike should never have mixed business and friendship.

on Dec 19, 2013

This week’s episode of the Shahs must be what it felt like when the Persian Empire broke up and divided. Just like our Shahs, those poor little countries (or shall I say modern territories to be historically correct) must have been like, what’s up with this? I thought we were an empire? We told the truth and we still got conquered?! Well, sometimes the truth will set you free in Reza’s case with Sasha, and if you’re GG, you lose. And if you’re Mike, you’re the country that feels slighted and wants to conquer all.

But miracles can happen in a Persian Empire. Look at GG and Asa. Who would have thought that GG and Asa would be friends after hoop-earring gate at the pool party last season? In hopes to get her “impulses” under control, Asa took GG to Tai Chi. What someone should have told Asa is that when one impulse is suppressed, another pops up. Um…GG is one horny mother f-cker! Girlfriend has some serious sex on her mind.

Million-dollar question of the day from GG, “This is all about sex, isn’t it?”

Only if you’re a catholic schoolgirl not wanting to get pregnant it is.

Asa tells us that Tai Chi opens up your chakras…

And GG’s chakras told her to hump Asa.

Poor GG. Little did she know that her pent up sexual energy wouldn’t get satisfied anytime soon. Hopefully, with all of this Tai Chi she can control her urge “to cut MJ’s fat tits off and bitch slap her with them.” Her words, not mine.