Nadine Rajabi

Looks like Reza and Mike should never have mixed business and friendship.

on Dec 19, 2013

And while we’re on the subject of GG, let’s talk about her and Sean. Our ever so impulsive Persian humper, GG, decided the truth would set her free if she tells Sean about the guy she kissed at Lilly’s party, Shayan.

Well, her little plan backfired to say the least. I lost my sh-t when Sean said, “I want anyone I want to be in a relationship with me to want me to be in a relationship with them…” GG’s response of, “Huh?” was right on. I felt like I was listening to a conversation between Scooby-Doo and Shaggy. What do these two talk about??? How does their relationship work? I feel like they just walk around bonking their heads around, get in fights, make-up by acting on GG’s “impulses,” stare at themselves in the mirror, fight some more, then communicate by staring blankly at each other while grunting like cavemen.

Anyway, just before GG dropped the bomb, Sean did say that part of life is forgiving the other person and yourself. Now if someone were to say that to me, I’d think I was in good hands. How could Sean NOT know GG’s news she was going to tell him? It’s been the on-going fight (or at least the one we see)! Well, after a fireball shot, some wine, and a slur -- GG finally told Sean.

Annnd he asked to see her phone. That’s when GG told him if he saw it then it would come off wrong. Here’s where GG went wrong -- if she wanted to salvage her relationship with Sean so bad, she should have STOPPED talking to Shayan! I don’t care if she barely texts him back, she should have cut off communication, period. GG even said it herself at gay pride that she likes to have a few boys as backup. Which proves she’s not ready to settle down. So the truth sure set her free…and her relationship. Maybe she should limit her boozing and stick to air humping.

Now let’s talk about he infamous apology between Reza and Sasha. As soon as Sasha sits down he ordered an Earl Grey tea -- so Persian of him. Persians love their tea and Earl Grey is the tea of choice if Persian tea isn’t available. I have to tell you that every time I hear the word “Earl Grey tea” I always think that there should be a porn star named Earl Grey and all he does is tea bag people.

I digress…Listen, some people may say the apology was contrived, but the truth is Reza apologized and it went as well as it could have gone. A lot of my friends talking about the show asked a valid question, “Would Reza have apologized if cameras weren’t on?” Who knows? But fact is that Reza took the proper steps of facing his demons with talking to a therapist and DID apologize.

Sasha asked a very valid question, did Reza think he was flirting with Adam. Reza said no…I’m not in Reza’s head, but I call B.S. on that. Something set him off, and it wasn’t Sasha’s Persian accent. Let’s retrace our steps, Reza comes home, another gay Iranian male is at his house talking to his boyfriend…it doesn’t add up. Moving forward…