Nadine Rajabi

Ep 9: Get a translation of Mike's more confusing drunken statements.

on Jan 14

Sorry I’ve been late on my recap this week. We’ve been doing something a little bizarre and fun with our beloved Shahs that I’ll be able to announce in a day or two.  But, trust me when I say it’s bizarre…

This week we witnessed the intergalactic Diamond Water party and all things Baller #1 and #2. I’m sure Asa’s kicking herself for not saging the venue (or yet another episode), because there was anything BUT "joy, health, happiness, purity, love, and life.”

But before we get to the Reza/Mike bromance gone south, let’s talk about MJ’s sex tape(s). OK, first of all, the fact that she has sex tapes on her hard drive and is trying to recover them worries me…for many reasons. I love that she went to some random computer shop in Hollywood to have her “x-files” recovered. MJ, this is how sex tapes are leaked. So if you see something on TMZ in three weeks, you’ll know where it came from. 

And not to concern MJ, but this “computer” store doesn’t look like it even carries computers.

Printer paper, maybe…but not computers.

Either way, kudos to MJ for being that bold. I’d rather take a bath with my hair dryer than look at myself naked.