Nadine Rajabi

Ep 5: Between the questionable golf attire and drama in the club, there was a lot to talk about this week.

on Dec 5, 2013


Just when I thought the show would be about MJ and GG, the show took a left turn. Literally. Before I get to Reza’s issues with the proud and out loud Sasha, let’s recap a few things…

This episode we learned that Mike is not balding, but he sadly was diagnosed with what seems to be ear dandruff. Mike, it’s OK. My grandpa ended up with more hair in his ears than he had on his head, but he lived a long life. You can live with a little ear dandruff. Plus, the ear flakes will help when you’re trying to filter out Reza’s yapping.

We also learned that Vida and MJ are mean golfers…and by that I mean, please don’t wear sandals with hose…EVER.

…or wear wedges to play golf.

This is not a game of “Who Wore It Better?” It’s golf.