Nadine Rajabi

Ep 13: Asa puts down her 10,000-pound rock and GG finds her butthole.

on Feb 7

Before we dive in, be sure to check out this week's after show:

The last two episodes of Shahs have been the best two episodes of reality television that I’ve ever seen. Of course, there was normal Shahs debauchery like body shots and potty humor, but I feel like these episodes have been very responsible, heartfelt, sincere, and EMOTIONAL! Kudos to my fellow Persians for showing their vulnerability and being so brave.

Let’s talk about The Shahs’ journeys of self-discovery (in no particular order)…

This episode, Reza learned that he broke up with Iran.

Asa discovered that she’s been carrying around a 10,000-pound rock, and she left it at the border.

MJ learned that she wants to have babies.

Mike learned what it was like to be in a Turkish bath.

And GG learned where her butthole is!