Nadine Rajabi

Ep 13: Asa puts down her 10,000-pound rock and GG finds her butthole.

on Feb 7

The episode continued with a crazy boat ride with none other than GG on her back while Reza took body shots off her belly button. Hey, at least she knows where that hole is! Because we all know that holes aren’t GG’s forte. It was nice to see Reza and GG bond so intimately on the boat. I guess Turkey just keeps bringing the Shahs closer and closer together.

Before Reza and Asa’s big trip to the border, we learned how long it takes to get there. They had to get up at 3 AM to catch a plane at 6 AM, then get on a bus and drive for another three hours. That’s a lot of traveling to get to one place. Considering the amount of hoops they had to jump through, you'd think they were going to go to a rave. I’m shocked they didn’t have to bring some chickens, a Whopper, and have a secret password.

Enough about raves and buttholes, let’s talk about the border.