Nadine Rajabi

Ep 11: Were MJ's dogs as stressed as everyone else by the tense Leila/GG situation.

on Jan 21

And last let’s talk about this whole MJ/GG/Leila drama…

First of all, who in their right mind would call anyone’s mom? Obviously, MJ did it to spite GG, but what good could come out of that? And was it REALLY necessary to not just call GG’s mom, but to also to say their daughter is a c---, whore, bitch? MJ said she called her a slut, whore, bitch, but at this point, who’s really keeping track except for me? I put it in my dream journal in case you were wondering.

Regardless, we’re not in elementary school and no one should be telling on anyone. But if we are going the elementary route, we should all practice the Golden Rule. One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. That way, nobody gets hurt. The only part of the Golden Rule the Shahs seem to get right is the gold part; sadly, it’s without the rules.

Anyway, as if c---, whore, bitch wasn’t bad enough this episode, it kept building. The kicker was MJ and Reza getting outed by MJ’s chihuahuas. Before we get to the chihuahuas, can we please talk about Reza actually coming to help someone move? Who knew he had it in him? Based on past Reza behavior, you’d think he’d pay someone to help with any heavy lifting. But these guys keep surprising me every episode. But I digress…

All was OK, until GG showed up. I understand why Leila didn’t tell GG that Reza and MJ were there. She was rolling the dice, but someone tell this girl when MJ, Reza, and GG are in the same room, it’s not time to be gambling. Home girl was BOUND to get caught and she did. Pablo and Julio, or as I shall call them, Exhibit A and Exhibit B came walking out and that’s when GG blew her lid. (Side note: I wonder what MJ has a harder time controlling…her dogs or her boobs?)