Nadine Rajabi

Ep 11: Were MJ's dogs as stressed as everyone else by the tense Leila/GG situation.

on Jan 21

I can totally understand why GG was mad. She feels deceived by her sister, and as MJ said in the episode, Leila and GG’s rift runs way deeper than any friendship she’s struck up with Leila. With that said, I don’t think MJ’s friendship helps the situation, it just adds to the problem. Now, I’ve been pro-GG this whole season (for the most part), but the one thing I didn’t agree with was seeing how she brought Jordan into the fight. That poor little girl does not need to be subjected to any of these people’s crazy drama.

That six-year-old is wise beyond her years, but the last thing she needs is more fighting in her life. She should focus on being a kid, not fighting her aunt’s battles. These guys need to pull it together, period. Before Turkey, during Turkey, and after Turkey. If they don’t, I’m sending Lilly to Turkey to distract and turn the focus. As for Pablo and Julio, thankfully, no animals were hurt making this episode (to the best of my knowledge at least).

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