Nadine Rajabi

Ep 1: Nadine Rajabi thinks Lilly has some redeeming to do.

on Nov 7, 2013

Now let’s get to Persian Barbie’s Dirty Thirty Birthday Party and the infamous RSVP. Before we get to the RSVP itself, let’s talk about Reza’s peace offering to MJ and reaching out to her. I know that took a lot for him, and I’m happy to see the two long time besties on the mend. I’m not even going to comment on the fact that it took MJ over half an hour to get Reza a drink and put her roses away. What was that? You can’t even blame Persian time on that one. 

As for the RSVP, I have to side with MJ on this one. You may disagree with me, but an Evite is not a formal invitation for a big PROM birthday party. If Lilly is going to such great lengths to spend that much money on a birthday party with costume changes and a tiara, you’d think she’d spring for real invitations, not a free Evite. It’s not like she can use the excuse of being green and going paperless, because you don’t see homegirl driving a Prius or hugging trees. The amount of aerosol hairspray she uses in one sitting is enough to puncture a hole in the ozone. Not to digress, but do you know how many times I’ve ignored Facebook invites and Evites? Or how many times I’ve overlooked them (accidentally)? I’ll always tell the host I’m coming at some point, like MJ did by texting, but Lilly’s inability to bend was really childish. 

On to the birthday party…

So, what was with Lilly’s tiara she was wearing in interview? Can the Persian Fashion Police please come to the rescue? Someone needs to tell her this is Shahs and not Toddlers and Tiaras. If you must, Lilly, at least wear a gold tiara! Sheesh! Don’t disgrace our heritage! 

I don’t know what I was more annoyed by: Lilly proclaiming herself Prom Queen or the fact that poor MJ wasn’t there. #LeaveMJAlone

I’m really proud of GG and the crew for standing up for MJ. What Lilly did was wrong, and I’m severely disappointed in her. I mean, come on, Lilly. You couldn’t possibly make room for ONE MORE person at Lisa Vanderpump’s bestie Mohamed’s Taj Mahal? Would MJ’s presence break fire code for max occupancy? 

Listen, I get it, it’s Lilly’s birthday and she can invite whomever she wants. But if she didn’t want MJ there, she shouldn’t have invited her in the first place. Not even as formality! Hopefully Lilly can redeem herself this season, but she has a lot of work to do. The only good thing that came out of the party was GG and Asa talking out their differences… and Coconut’s gown. And for the record, I vote Coconut Prom Queen. Sorry, Lilly. 

I’m excited for what’s to come this season! Looks like nakedness, partying, white water rafting, Mike and Jessica getting more serious, Vida joining the LPGA, a stand-off between MJ and Lilly, and an emotional trip to Turkey. It’s going to be amazing! 

See you next week!

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Nadine Rajabi is a television producer, writer, and stand-up comedian from Los Angeles. Most  importantly she's Bravo’s in-house Persian.