Nadine Rajabi

Ep 16: Part 2 may have been more peaceful, but there were quite a few surprises.

on Feb 25

It’s sad that our Shahs are coming to a close this season. It’s been quite a ride. From Mike and Reza’s bromance breaking up (to making up), Lilly being on an island of her own, Asa launching Diamond Water, MJ wanting kids, to a very emotional trip to the Middle East…we’ve been on a roller coaster with our Persians.

Part 2 of the reunion was not as explosive as Part 2 of Season 2’s reunion, but I prefer to keep things at peace sometimes. At least this season Reza left things with a hug and not name-calling. I feel like these guys have been through so much during the season, that there is nowhere else to go but to a peaceful place.

Now on to the reunion. There wouldn’t be a reunion unless the infamous F-word incident was brought up. And that it was. There was a lot of back and fourth between Mike and Reza on this one as I’d expected. What I didn’t expect was for Mike to bring up the fact that people like Reza bullied him when he was growing up. That’s information I didn’t know about Mike. I felt bad thinking about little Mike being bullied. As for Reza, he had stated before, this issue had brought up a lot of unresolved issues -- and nothing has changed -- he’s still sorry. I don't know what he went through, so all I can ask for as a viewer is an apology. As for the term F.O.B., I’d like to take the time to clear something up -- when my family came here from Iran, they were not F.O.B., they were F.O.P. (fresh off the plane). If we were F.O.B. that’d be a hell of a long boat ride across the Atlantic. Persians just don’t have that kind of patience. So derogatory or not, I feel like they should update the term.