Reza Farahan

Find out what spurred him to pop the question to Adam.

on Feb 11

It's been really difficult for me to blog for the past two weeks. This summer was such a transformational time in my life, and although it's been months since we were in Turkey, the issues I was dealing with were decades old and the wounds ran deep. Watching the episodes for me put me back into that time and place, and these past two weeks have been a serious time for reflection. I'm not sure how everyone in the circle feels about our journey to Turkey, but I will be eternally grateful for the trip, because I closed a very old and long chapter of my life. Turkey gave me the closure that I needed, as well as a deeper appreciation for what I have. I came home and reevaluated all of my relationships; my relationship with Adam, with my family, with my friends, and with my business associates. Some relationships grew stronger and others were terminated. I felt completely empowered, and this leads me into the conversation of turning forty and, as you've now seen, Adam and I getting engaged.