Reza Farahan

Reza shares his thoughts on the crazy showdown with Mike at the Diamond Water party.

on Jan 8

Happy New Year! We've been gone for so long, and I'm happy to be back communicating with you guys. You just watched an action packed episode, but the moment that stands out most for me that I can't believe I'm sharing with you guys is MJ and her sex tapeS. Yes, big 'S', as in there are many of them. I'll never forget the moment that she shared them with me; it was instantly burned into my hard drive. The most interesting part about it wasn't that I was watching my best friend in a hardcore XXX movie, but the fact that she was referring to it as a work of art. Making mention of every curve and beautiful attribute of her physique. I'm thinking, this bitch is crazy! Doesn't she know that eventually this will end up on the internet? We're not looking at an oil painting here, this is a porno, a very well made amateur porno, but a porno nonetheless. I digress, luckily, I remembered which one of her computers it was on and a disaster was avoided. We laughed a lot that day, but I hope this scare taught her a lesson and that she deleted those movies. What do you think?