Reza Farahan

Reza shares what he's taken away from the Sasha situation.

on Dec 17, 2013

Living your life on camera is surreal -- you end up dealing with things twice. I've been off of the social media radar for several weeks now. I wanted you guys to have time to watch and process the past few episodes without me interjecting my future sense of growth and resolution. I wanted to blog after this episode to talk to you guys about my journey.

So many people have asked me if I regretted my outburst, and although I'm not happy with what I said, I'm very grateful to the situation, because it brought some very old, deep seeded pain to the surface. I was very grateful for the therapy from Dr. Downs. He taught me something I was unable to do on my own, and that's to put myself in someone else’s shoes. The things I was dealing with had nothing to do with Sasha, the poor guy was just a catalyst for bringing the pain, rage, and emotion to the surface. I'm thankful that he accepted my invitation and my apology, but I have to tell you that I waited until I got to a place when I could offer a genuine apology, and regardless of his response, I would leave with gratitude. I now truly understand the power of an apology. It doesn't just help the person receiving it, it's just as beneficial to the person offering it. Who knew that I could have such a growth spurt at this point in my life?