Reza Farahan

Reza shares his thoughts on the friendship breakup with Lilly.

on Jan 21

Sorry I didn't blog last week, the real estate market is on fire again and I'm happy to say that business is booming. So let's get into this episode. I have to say that I'm impressed that despite their differences, GG and her sister are able to work together. In our culture family is everything, and it's not often that you see siblings on two sides of the fence. Leila doubted GG, but after a call from Mike, Leila decided to back GG up on the MJ vs. GG war that has been going on. I don't feel the same way as Mike, he doesn't pay attention and he doesn't recall facts. GG has been extremely aggressive with MJ on three separate occasions. The first being at MJ's house in front of me, the second was at St. Feliz, where Asa and I were both present, and finally at Del Mar. GG was very close to striking MJ and after these three incidents, MJ called the 'naneh' (in Farsi it means the momma). I'm not saying MJ was right to call the momma, but MJ couldn't take anymore.

From there we go soghati shopping (soghati are gifts you buy before a trip to take to relatives, or gifts you buy and bring back home). The moment that stands out for me is when MJ said she wanted to ruin GG's life. I'm no expert, but I think calling the momma and telling her that her daughter is a c--- whore bitch should have been enough.

The scene with Lilly and her glam gays was more ridiculous than the outfit she wore to shop in. It's clear that Lilly doesn't understand friendship; she thinks that money is exchanged in a friendship. She surrounds herself with these shallow queens that tell her how fabulous she is as she's signing their checks. The best thing she said was that she wants to be friends with people that she's "effortlessly friends with," AKA I don't want to put any work into my friendships, I'd rather pay for them. I wonder how many of them would stick around if the well ran dry?