Reza Farahan

Reza shares his thoughts on the friendship breakup with Lilly.

on Jan 21

The shopping trip with Mike, Jessica, and his mother was really disgusting. Not because it was an exercise to mock me, which it clearly was. I'm fine with that. I wear what I want and I have fun with it. Mike wants to give me a run for my money? Why are you worried about me, Mike? Save the money that you do have and buy Jessica a ring. Mike on the other hand takes his mommy with him to help pick out his outfits. I wonder if she cuts his food up into bite-sized pieces. I would just like to see Mike get his balls back. At least one of them!

After months of not seeing or hearing from Lilly, I get the call to meet. It was inevitable. I knew that she had been invited to Turkey and the word was out that she didn't want to go. I knew that she was hoping I'd beg her to come, but I honestly knew that we'd have a much better time without her there. She starts in by telling me that Asa was her only friend. If that's your passive aggressive way of trying to hurt my feelings, it worked. What she didn't know is that I had mourned the loss of that "friendship" long before she called me. I just agreed that if she didn't want to come, that she shouldn't. So I was shocked to watch her tell Asa that I told her not to come. Lilly can be very manipulative in her effort to gain sympathy, but luckily Asa saw through her lies.