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Reza: "Lilly Doesn't Understand Friendship"

Reza shares his thoughts on the friendship breakup with Lilly.

Sorry I didn't blog last week, the real estate market is on fire again and I'm happy to say that business is booming. So let's get into this episode. I have to say that I'm impressed that despite their differences, GG and her sister are able to work together. In our culture family is everything, and it's not often that you see siblings on two sides of the fence. Leila doubted GG, but after a call from Mike, Leila decided to back GG up on the MJ vs. GG war that has been going on. I don't feel the same way as Mike, he doesn't pay attention and he doesn't recall facts. GG has been extremely aggressive with MJ on three separate occasions. The first being at MJ's house in front of me, the second was at St. Feliz, where Asa and I were both present, and finally at Del Mar. GG was very close to striking MJ and after these three incidents, MJ called the 'naneh' (in Farsi it means the momma). I'm not saying MJ was right to call the momma, but MJ couldn't take anymore.

From there we go soghati shopping (soghati are gifts you buy before a trip to take to relatives, or gifts you buy and bring back home). The moment that stands out for me is when MJ said she wanted to ruin GG's life. I'm no expert, but I think calling the momma and telling her that her daughter is a c--- whore bitch should have been enough.

The scene with Lilly and her glam gays was more ridiculous than the outfit she wore to shop in. It's clear that Lilly doesn't understand friendship; she thinks that money is exchanged in a friendship. She surrounds herself with these shallow queens that tell her how fabulous she is as she's signing their checks. The best thing she said was that she wants to be friends with people that she's "effortlessly friends with," AKA I don't want to put any work into my friendships, I'd rather pay for them. I wonder how many of them would stick around if the well ran dry?The Persian guide book to overseas travel clearly states that one must wax her hooha and spray tan her bazooms before getting on a plane. So naturally MJ called me to make a day of it. She took me to a spa where they do Brazilian and Brozilian waxing. I had no intention of waxing anything. Mike probably referred MJ to this place. He has a Bro-zilian wax job and his eyebrows are tweezed within an inch of his life. Like any good season of Shahs, you'll get to see what Mike has, or doesn't have for that matter, later on. The best part of the day and maybe the best part of that month for me was MJ's spray tan session. Watching her manage and maneuver those breasts gave me life; it was cracking my sh-t up. It looked as if she was trying to hold two oily watermelons that she just couldn't get a grip on. I can't believe how stupid I was for allowing my "friendship" with Lilly to get in the way of me and MJ. Now I know it wasn't anyone's fault but my own, I'm just glad that we're back together again.

The shopping trip with Mike, Jessica, and his mother was really disgusting. Not because it was an exercise to mock me, which it clearly was. I'm fine with that. I wear what I want and I have fun with it. Mike wants to give me a run for my money? Why are you worried about me, Mike? Save the money that you do have and buy Jessica a ring. Mike on the other hand takes his mommy with him to help pick out his outfits. I wonder if she cuts his food up into bite-sized pieces. I would just like to see Mike get his balls back. At least one of them!

After months of not seeing or hearing from Lilly, I get the call to meet. It was inevitable. I knew that she had been invited to Turkey and the word was out that she didn't want to go. I knew that she was hoping I'd beg her to come, but I honestly knew that we'd have a much better time without her there. She starts in by telling me that Asa was her only friend. If that's your passive aggressive way of trying to hurt my feelings, it worked. What she didn't know is that I had mourned the loss of that "friendship" long before she called me. I just agreed that if she didn't want to come, that she shouldn't. So I was shocked to watch her tell Asa that I told her not to come. Lilly can be very manipulative in her effort to gain sympathy, but luckily Asa saw through her lies.

Asa's art show was beautiful. To see the history of her life in performance art was very moving. I, like Asa, have a deep connection to my culture and I'm always moved by things that take me on a journey to the past. It wasn't a surprise to her that Mike "didn't get it." I love Mike, but he can be a bit of a meat head and art, history, and culture are not things that Mike can connect with.

As for my outfit, I liked it and had fun wearing it. The conversation outside was getting heated between MJ and Jessica. Mike called it "empowered," I call it frustration. Jessica has been very edgy lately, and who can blame her? I would have popped off on MJ too. This poor girl has been doing everything right, SHE WANTS A RING!Finally, I had to relive the disaster at Leila's house. You guys saw it and I don't want to rehash. All I can say is that it was painful to watch. Not because two sisters can be so hurtful to one another, but for the fact that Leila's daughter Jordan was in the middle of it. I left that day wanting to call my sister to tell her how much she means to me, and I did.

I'm actually writing this blog as I'm flying to New York. I'll be in the 'Watch What Happens Live' Clubhouse the night this episode airs. Tweet me questions that you want answered about this episode, or anything else @RezaFarahan.

I look forward to chatting with you next week!


The Return of Lochnesa

GG dishes on the craziness with Mike and MJ.

I'm so sad the season is over, but it was such an amazing year with such amazing people!

I've really come to terms that relationships aren't the way they used to be and finding a husband has gotten harder and harder. So freezing my eggs is the smartest approach. Now, I'm not quite sure why MJ wanted to sit in clear sight of my, uhmmm, but she was making me feel so uncomfortable! Thank goodness she moved and we were able to proceed. Hearing that I'm healthy and able to freeze my eggs was a relief! It's something I'm going to do, but I will always hope for true love and a family the authentic way.

I hated seeing how horrible MJ's mom was towards her on her birthday. I have seen MJ with kids, and I think she would be an amazing mother!

Palm Springs! Palm Springs! Palm Springs! Time to celebrate Reza's 40th and end our summer with the best people ever! We didn't waste any time before popping bottles and letting the liquor flow! It felt like we were doing nothing other than laughing and loving each other's company all night.

Well, now I'm double-fisting the whiskey and having a great time... All until I get smacked in the head by MJ's bikini clasp! WE GOT A PROBLEM! WE GOT A PROBLEM!!! But it was impossible to be mad, because we were all having so much fun and we were ALL sh-- faced!Not sure why we decided to break into Mike's room. Maybe we didn't want him to isolate himself when it was our last summer vacation together. So...we break in! He comes out of the room like Shrek's evil alter ego ready to kill me!!! Why just me? We were all trying to break in. And of course, since I'm drunk, I take it very personally and Lochnesa shows up and I decide to throw a plate. Unfortunately my drunk a-- ends up hitting Reza with the plate on accident. Hats off to my girl Asa for creeping up on me and reminding me to "hook it" and then to "double hook" because I was about to take a dip into the deep end.

OK so obviously now you all know Persians suck at Slip 'n Slide. I can't even begin to tell you how much pain we were all in for the next week. We all swore we had broken ribs!

And now for my favorite moment... I'm sooo happy for Adam and Reza! They are perfection together. Reza is truly blessed to have found such an amazing companion to share his life with! Mazel to you two love birds!
"Parting is such sweet sorrow..."

This has been such an incredible year for me. I reconnected with my friends. MJ and I really got a chance to learn more boundaries within our friendship, which only makes the friendship stronger! I also realized that sometimes, just because someone is your family, it doesn't mean they'll have your back. It's like I always say: blood may run thicker than water, but my loyalty runs thicker than blood. I never hold grudges in life. I believe in experience and growth. I'm grateful for everyone and every experience that has crossed my journey. But I'm now an independent woman trying to establish a successful career and create my own family, and I am trying harder and harder every day to better myself. It won't be easy, and I'm sure LochNesa will show up from time to time. But as long as I have loving people there to support me, I know I'll be OK!