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Reza is sick of Lilly's behavior.

I'm sorry that I missed my blog last week, but real estate is on fire again and I've been incredibly busy.

This episode was fun to watch because I got to relive the trip to the American River. MJ and I had a mini vacation in the car on the drive up and we had a lot of laughs, but the best part was the secret that I wasn't taking her to the spa. You should have seen her face when she was trying to get back in the car to leave, it was priceless! It was really nice spending time with Golnesa and her family, and I actually thought I'd be able to get them to reconcile, but as you saw, my plan didn't work.

Now let's get to the stuff that I've been thinking in regards to Lilly. I love that a woman who's called the Persian Barbie keeps referencing the word “fake.” She rolled into town with her fake lashes looking for connections and instead of selling her a house, which is why I started a relationship with her, she weaseled her way into my circle. She doesn't like fake friends, which I believe. I'm not sure who the fake people are in her life, because she ONLY surrounds herself with hired friends. The only people she hangs out with outside of my crew are hired. That includes her hairdresser, makeup artist, clothing designer, and the employees that help her with her bathing suits and lashes.
If you're so unhappy with us, then bounce. You've made ZERO effort to form friendships with any of us. All you do is talk about the fact that you're an attorney, you don't drink, and that your brother is a doctor. We're thrilled for you! Get off your high horse, actually, stay on it and gallop away. I'm sick of hearing about what you don't like about me and my friends. You even blame the crew and I for the disgusting things that come out of your mouth. AND the only time you include us in anything is when you're using us to hock your wares.

I'm actually less upset about what she has to say about me and more upset about her talking sh-t about my friends.

Till next time!