Asa on Buying Her Car

Asa Soltan Rahmati dishes on her patented priestess method of car shopping. Were you surprised when MJ was being possessive with the gift bags?
Asa Soltan Rahmati: MJ being possessive with the gift bags was cracking me up. Dude, they're just gift bags. Let's look at them together. Why was it so important to her to be the very first (mainly before me) to look at each item? I was physically sitting closer, and it really wasn't so important who sees what first. She snatched two of the candles from two gift bags, and the night of the party two people were missing their Jonathan Adler candle from their gift bag, which is why both Reza and I even said anything about the candle. Were you happy with your car selection? Do you use your priestess powers to inform any other purchase decisions?
ASR: I can always rely on my instinct to steer me the right way, even in buying a Mercedes. I've always had my intuition lead my life, and I trust it 100%. How awkward was the party after GG dropped the bomb about Mike?
ASR: It was getting pretty awkward at the party, because I wasn't sure who was going to tell Mike. I really wanted it to come from Golnesa's mouth straight into Mike's ear, in private.

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