Asifa: GG and I Were Not Good Roomates

Asifa Mirza dishes on the challenges of living with GG (and Bobby). Did you miss living with GG at all?
Asifa Mirza: Not at all! As much as I appreciate her kind gesture, Golnesa and I are not good roomies. We are very different, and it is her home at the end of the day, so I have to respect her rules and knives... What was the hardest thing about moving back in with Bobby?
AM: The hardest thing about moving back in with Bobby was living with another person and their habits. When I moved out the first time, I had my own place and got very used to it. Now I have to readjust back to Bobby's excessive OCD habits. I am super clean, but Bobby takes it to a different level. He lives in a model home environment where everything in the house is meant to be admired and not used. Hopefully we can learn to compromise and make things work for the sake of our relationship and happiness. Did you know GG's arthritis was that bad?
AM: No, I had no clue. For an aggressive person that's willing to initiate physical fights, she sure comes off as if it doesn't bother her. I guess her RA doesn't stop her from getting crazy with others. I hope that her treatments help her RA and ease her pain.

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