Asifa: GG Needs to Get a Job

Asifa Mirza dishes on living with GG.

Asifa Mirza, Asa Soltan Rahmati, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, Mercedes "MJ" Javid, Mike Shouhed Did you feel like you and Mike managed to get to a better place?
Asifa Mirza: Yes, I don't think he is a bad person. I just think he gets into an altered state of mind or rage when he's inebriated. It seems like he has his guard up with new people, and you know what, I am like that too. I would like to get to know him and Jessica better. What was going through your mind when Shervin's friend Bobby made those negative comments?
AM: You mean racial put-downs... I was honestly sad and flabbergasted that someone in the 21st century could actually think and speak that way. Reza talks about how much money this guy has, well, money cannot buy anyone class, respect, or kindness. This guy has no common sense, dignity, or regard for the women at this party; we don't want to know what you have on your private parts, whether it's a bee, tattoo, or flower. It's very normal for someone to be disgusted by that public rant, and not normal for a person to react by being a bigot and having racial diarrhea of the mouth. Some people are just low class and nothing will change that but actively wanting to become a better person. Racism ended many years ago, I guess he forgot the memo. What was the most challenging part of living with GG?
AM: Simple, the fact that she has no job and responsibilities! She does nothing but watch TV, shop, hang out, and chill. I love being her friend, but sister needs to get her priorities straight at 33 or marry a rich guy!

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