Asifa: My Heart Goes Out to Jessica

Asifa Mirza dishes on her skills in the kitchen and the drama at Shervin's party. Are you a good cook?
Asifa Mirza: I am a great cook, and this is according to people who have eaten my food. I make almost anything and everything, and enjoy the whole process. Cooking is very therapeutic for me; the only problem is having a demanding career and working full time makes it hard to cook. Since Bobby and I live very healthy lives, I tend to add a healthy twist to all of my meals. I cook a lot of Persian stews and typically substitute the meat with chicken. Did living with GG end up being good training for living with Bobby?
AM: No not really... As much as I think GG is a man hiding in a woman's body, she is nothing like Bobby. Bobby is an entrepreneur who works hard, is super clean, doesn't overload on alcohol (actually rarely drinks), and does not have an obsession with sharp objects. I have to say he has very good habits, unlike GG. Living with GG is great training if one is about to live with an ex-convict. Were you surprised GG confronted Mike at Shervin's party?
AM: No, not at all. Just like she dropped the bomb on us at Adam's birthday, I wasn't surprised to hear that she dropped it again in a public setting. This is something that should've been addressed in private with Mike, not at a party. My heart goes out to Jessica for being put in that situation.

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