GG: Asifa's High Maintenance

GG shares her side of living with Asifa Mirza.

Asa Soltan Rahmati, Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, Asifa Mirza, Mercedes "MJ" Javid, Mike Shouhed What was going through your mind during the argument between Bobby, Bobby, and Asifa?
GG: I've known Asifa for a long time and she has gotten worse and worse as an instigator. She keeps starting fights with people and expects her man Bobby to clean up her mess while she sits back watching. So naturally, when she interfered into a conversation that was clearly between me, Reza, and Bobby S., I knew she was at it again and ready to start drama.
When Bobby S. made his remarks to Kaz, I don't believe he meant them to be racially charged. He has a right to think Asifa is ugly or not. I was furious that day, because Asifa always starts problems that she can't finish herself. At least when I'm involved in a problem, I make sure I see it through to the end.
I feel bad that Bobby always has to defend a sh-- starter. He didn't deserve to have to end up in a brawl. Bottom line -- Asifa needs to fight her own battles and stop running away after she starts them up. Was it difficult living with Asifa?
GG: It was extremely annoying living with Asifa, because she's very high maintenance and stuck up and she thinks the world revolves around her. She can take that bourgeoisie attitude to someone else's house, but in my house, it's my rules. I was doing her a favor, but all she ever did was complain. Ungrateful much? How often do your wear your "house clothes" around?
GG: Anyone who knows me well, knows I love being in my house clothes. I love onesies and oversized sweats. It's just my thing!!! I love being comfy in my own home. Some people like to be naked at home... I like to wear my monkey onesie!

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