MJ: Vida's Not Hating

MJ dishes on Charlie's first introduction to Vida. 

Reza preps Charlie to meet Vida. Charlie has no idea how lucky he is to have Reza give him these pointers. The thing is, though, Charlie must present himself as a strong and confident man. This is not an exercise for Reza's practice, but more a test to determine the strength and character of any man who shall be deemed a good match for me. He shouldn't take it as a warning that Vida will insult him; that is not what Vida is about with people (other than me). She is a real woman; she is her own provider, and a mother who is looking out for her daughter. She's not hating, she's thinking, "Can this man be a real match for my daughter? Can he be a good provider? Will he make my daughter's life sweeter in any way? My daughter has to be smart in her selection of men." She believes Jews mostly only marry other Jews, so she feels protective over me not being beguiled by someone who will say it is fine now, then in the 19th hour say, "She has to be Jewish." Vida is also very instinctive. She watches his moves to see how genuinely attentive he is, and only time will tell if Charlie can win her over.

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