Reza: Adam Had an Amazing Breakthrough

Reza Farahan dishes about meeting the parents and Adam's heart-to-heart with his dad. What was going through your mind during the argument between Bobby, Bobby, and Asifa?
Reza Farahan: I was truly embarrassed and ashamed at the hateful comments going back and forth, but I understand that in the heat of the moment, things are said and you usually regret them later once the dust has settled. Believe me, I've made this mistake myself, but I'm grateful that for me, it turned into a learning and growing experience. How nervous were you to meet Adam's parents?
RF: I was really nervous to meet Adam's parents. I was praying for a situation that didn't result in me having an emotional outburst. I was truly pleasantly surprised, they were much more open than I expected and a lot kinder than Adam had me believing. Do you think Adam had a breakthrough with his dad?
RF: Adam had an amazing breakthrough with his dad. I'm so happy that he was able to be that present and get everything off of his chest, but the best part was that his dad listened, processed the info immediately, agreed with Adam, and helped to facilitate something that you don't see very often. Both of them walked away from the dinner table closer and ready to build an adult relationship and agreed to let go of the past. It truly warmed my heart!

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