Reza: Adam Was Under a Lot of Pressure

Reza Farahan opens up about his relationship. Why do you think your sex life with Adam was less active than usual?
Reza Farahan: I think that Adam was under an extreme amount of pressure, between his career and our impending nuptials. That stress alone can make one less sexual, but throw a ridiculous amount of hardcore porn into the mix and you're screwed. I don't have an issue with porn per say, but if you're using it when your under pressure to escape, it can have a negative impact on your relationship. Were you surprised MJ and Asa were having issues?
RF: I was not surprised that MJ and Asa were having issues. There had been some unresolved animosity just below the surface, so something as innocuous as shopping for leggings turned into something bigger. What truly warmed my heart was to see them tackle their issues head on. Did you enjoy dodge ball?
RF: I really enjoyed dodge ball. We all needed a fun release without any fighting, verbal or physical. I do have to point out that the league that we played with took it very seriously, and they were playing to kill.

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