Reza: GG's Decision Was Disastrous

Reza Farahan shares his thoughts on the showdown between Mike and GG. Was flipping houses more difficult than you first realized?
Reza Farahan: Flipping is amazing and I absolutely love it! I'm able to have a positive/constructive outlet for all of the creativity that lives inside of the. The part that is difficult is relying on others. I'm a control freak, so having to rely on other people to come through in order to be able to proceed is hard for me, especially when they don't come through! Why did you ultimately decide to go the destination wedding route?
RF: Adam and I ultimately decided to go the destination route for one reason: All the guests that show up for a destination wedding really love and support you, and they really want to be there. It truly weeds out all of the people you feel obligated to invite, but don't want showing up. How disastrous was GG's decision to confront Mike at Shervin's party?
RF: GG's decision to confront Mike at Shervin's party was truly disastrous, because of how it affected Jessica. Mike and GG are both in the crew, they can deal with one another as they see fit in the heat of the moment. But including Jessica was a mistake and ultimately made the situation bigger and worse than it needed to be.

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