Reza Farahan Reveals His Secret Starbucks Name — and the Hilarious Way it Went Wrong

The Shahs of Sunset pseudonym seemed foolproof, but...

If you see a guy at Starbucks who looks like Reza Farahan but goes by the name of Joe, well, that just might be Reza Farahan. The Shahs of Sunset pal recently took to Instagram to share his secret Starbucks name — and why he chose the all-American classic. 

"So I go by Joe at Starbucks because I don't like having my name butchered in the morning," he said. (Relatable). But as it turns out, that name's not as foolproof as it sounds.

Holding his icy coffee drink, Reza continued: "This morning I got Joe butchered. B--ch was calling me Toe. Hello! How can you f--- up Joe?"

It's a good question, Reza, it really is. But it sure makes for an amusing anecdote — even in the morning! 

Photo: Reza Farahan/Instagram 

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