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Shahs of Sunset

It's Passover: Let Your Girlfriend Go!

S7/EP7 | Aired:
September 20, 2018
Hoping to get to the root of her issues with men, Destiney hires a private detective to find her father. This inspires Reza to confront his own daddy issues and he realizes he may not be ready for the children Adam so desperately wants. (43:24)
Shahs of Sunset

Emeralds Aren’t Forever

S7/EP6 | Aired:
September 13, 2018
The Shahs ring in Nowruz with food, fun, and plenty of drama. Haunted by his past, Mike chooses not to invite his girlfriend to the festivities. Reza grows anxious in his attempts to tell Adam about his costly haircare line investment. (43:24)
Shahs of Sunset

Bridal Bath Wrath

S7/EP5 | Aired:
September 6, 2018
As she prepares for her Bridal Bath in Palm Springs, MJ continues to deal with the loss of her beloved father. Reza invests money into his new business without telling Adam. GG is also starts to warm up to Nema. (43:24)
Shahs of Sunset

Javid Shah: Long Live The King

S7/EP4 | Aired:
August 23, 2018
After the tragic loss of her father, the Shahs rally around MJ as she tries to maintain her stability while continuing to plan her wedding. Nema is put in an awkward position when his crush GG and his ex-girlfriend come face-to-face at Mona's party. (43:24)
Shahs of Sunset

A Date with Destiney

S7/EP3 | Aired:
August 16, 2018
MJ rides an emotional roller coaster between the fallout from the Valentine’s Day party and her dad’s declining health. Adam's been hinting about having a baby, but Reza considers an investment opportunity that would likely push the baby plans back. (00:00)
Shahs of Sunset

A Short Kiss Goodnight

S7/EP1 | Aired:
August 2, 2018
Mike is finally moving past his marriage drama and is single and ready to mingle with new crush Mona, who he invites (with her brother Nema) on a trip to Big Bear. The Shahs work to maintain their balance on the slopes and at their shared house. (00:00)

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