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  • Belize It Or Not
  • S5/EP10 | Aired:
    June 19, 2016
    In an effort to save Mike and Jessica's marriage, Reza plans a group trip to Belize where the couple can work out their issues. MJ contemplates life without Tommy, and GG's resentments toward Shervin explode during a tense first night dinner. (43:24)
  • Lights, Camera, Kaftans!
  • S5/EP9 | Aired:
    June 12, 2016
    Mike and Jessica meet to discuss how to repair their relationship. MJ confides in Asa that her relationship with Tommy has worsened. Asa’s fashion show for Asa Kaftans brings glamor and drama, when Shervin accosts GG the severity of her illness. (43:24)
  • Six Persians Walk Into A Bar
  • S5/EP8 | Aired:
    June 5, 2016
    Newly wed and brimming with confidence, Reza throws himself headfirst into a new passion: stand-up comedy. When the group rallies together for Reza's debut performance at a local improv night, Mike makes a valiant attempt at winning his wife back. (43:24)
  • Surprise! You're Married
  • S5/EP7 | Aired:
    May 22, 2016
    Reza and Asa head to Palm Springs to plan his surprise wedding to Adam. A tight-lipped Mike shows up without his wife, MJ's insecurities come out to play, and GG attempts to keep the peace. Has Adam healed enough from last year's canceled wedding? (43:24)
  • A Cat-astrophic Night
  • S5/EP6 | Aired:
    May 15, 2016
    MJ focuses on her new goal of starting a family with Tommy. Mike and Jessica start therapy, and Shervin gives his best game on a date with a sexy Australian. At Asa's mother's retirement party, the group discovers a shocking bombshell about Mike. (43:24)

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