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Camila Alves

Model Host

We are down to the wire and sadly we had to say goodbye to Jon who turned out to be a gracious loser. It is always refreshing to see someone who is grateful, appreciative, and proud of their experience. Sometimes I really wish we didn't have to...
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Lose the 'tude!

Tonight was an episode like no other! With only four finalists left, it was the first time that no one was eliminated. There was also no shortage of drama, it is clear that the remaining finalists do not like Brig, but I felt the need to call out...
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Out and About

I agree with you guys that the "Military Wives" episode was very touching. This is just one simple way to give back to the soldiers who are serving this country!...
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It's About Time!

I have never seen so many stylist struggling with their clients at the same time, and quite honestly I thought that most of then did a very poor job in trying to show their clients something new and different. And as for Adee, it was about time .....
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What Happened to Jon?

See Jon's nose? After last week's victory it looks like he must have partied HARD!! Go Jon! Or do you think he got on a fight? (I kid, I kid.) See how Amy never got her client's confidence in the Shorcut Challenge, which, in turn, didn't give her...
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Thinking of You

Has there ever been anyone's hair you wanted to eat?I wanted to eat Brian's! Can you believe what he did to the model at the Shortcut Challenge? Good thing he did well at the elimination. One hair style I didn't want to eat was MINE. I must say my...
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Hair is Important

Wow!! That was fun. I was so nervous. All of Matthew's family and a bunch of friends came over to watch it and we had a premiere party — food, kids, drinks, and lots of festivities for the first show. I'm very happy with  the first episode. It...
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