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Charlie Price

For The Record

Short Cut #8 Kids Jaclyn was waiting in the salon as usual, (today she was a vision in Miu Miu though!  Chic!) Our guest judge was the guy who does hair for American Idol (he was responsible for Sanjaya's "ponyhawk") Also, a dead ringer for...
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Helmet Heads

SURFERS! Male surfers were our models -- COOL. We had 30 minutes to take our models from the surf to a clean polished look that was ready to go on a night out. FUN! I made my guy look like a 50's greaser -- slicked back mini-pompadour. Guest...
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Episode Four

Short Cut Challenge 4 "Team" Work--not exactly. Our models had to be cut, colored & styled, but...we had to switch models 5 times in 1 1/2 hrs. AAAAARRGHH!!! My least favorite challenge so far. I ended up with the same model I started with ...
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