Charlie Price

Charlie Price's thoughts on the dramatic finale.

on Aug 21, 2008

The Judging The guest judge was Sally Hershberger. Wow! That's one tough lady -- I'm so glad I wasn't on season one. This last judging was the most crazy mind game of all time! I loved it -- good nasty fun. So the judges said some lovely things, and they always love my color. And they said I was a master of sculpting hair! HOOORAY! I can see my day rate rising before my eyes. Once I saw Sally I had a feeling this wasn't my challenge -- I've won so much, it would be anticlimatic even for me! DEE WON! I'M SECOND! AND I'M SO HAPPY, I DON'T CARE.

Final Thought If I knew all I had to do was have bad spiky hair, crazy color, and cheesy scissor tattoos, I wouldn't have tried so hard. Just kidding (not really) sort of. I'm ready to sign autographs!