Charlie Price

Why Charlie Price feels drunk with power.

on Jul 28, 2008

Short Cut #6 Colors of the Rainbow

We had four hours to do VIBRANT colors, cuts, and styles that were edgy & beautiful! It was...HEAVEN. Dee thought she had it in the bag as usual. BARF! I did purple, pink, black & bronze. Dee and I were in the top 2. Kim Vo liked my color! YAAAAY. I can't believe that. Kim also loved Dee -- she was inspired by nature -- gee, I've never heard that one before! Pleeease! I WON!--a little shocker: -I have immunity -I get to choose teams -but I cant win -the plot thickens I'M DRUNK WITH POWER!

Elimination #6 Charlie's Angels I had to divide the group into 3 teams -- each team had to recreate the iconic styles of one of the three original angels, Kelly (my fave!), Jill, and Sabrina. So sad though -- cause I would have loved to participate. I couldn't win or lose because of the rules of this elimination -- I had to roam around and assist the three teams.

I put the teams like so: 1.)Dee & Nekisa 2.)Nicole & Glenn 3.)Daniel and Paulo They had 2 hours to color and cut three models each. OH F*** -- not much time! So glad I'm not doing hair! WHEW! Glenn has been acting weird today and last night and this morning -- I'm getting vibes that she feels like she is or wants to go home, which is ODD. She seems excited about the challenge though. I have to assist the teams in two 15 minute intervals each. Nekisa makes me mop up the floor around the station. LOL. Dee as usual acts like a pompous ass. Nicole concentrates on the Sabrina cut. It's too long in my opinion. Glenn ends up doing most the styling for Farrah and Jaclyn's characters seems like a MISTAKE. Glenn also concentrate too much on COLOR.