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Daniel Lewis

A Blast Of Color

Rainbow Color This was the furthest challenge from my expertice. I was not excited at ALL, but I had a blast with it, and although I didn't win, I did a beautiful job. The client loved it and Kim Vo loved it so other then winning, what more can I...
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Life's A Beach

Shortcut Beach, surfers I got second to last place. I heard them say that they wanted a polished look and apparently they wanted shorter surfer styles. I made my guy look too clean cut. OH WELL! It was worth a day at the beach. Elimination WIGS!...
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Episode Four

Shortcut Challenge Today we're faced with a difficult Shortcut Challenge. We were given a model to do a color/cut/style on, BUT we had to switch clients 4 times midstream. UH OH!! This to me was not as big of an issue as the fact that we had only...
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Episode Three

Third Episode: It's the third short cut challenge day. What a day. We had to do an updo on reeeeallllllly long hair. My client had 32-inch long hair and it truly was beautiful healthy long hair unlike poor Meredith's model who had sh*tty 68-inch...
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Episode Two

So it's the second elimination challenge and Parker went home. I mean are you kidding me? He did NOT deserve that at all. I had a little breakdown during the final two. I thought Gail was going home because her client looked horrible, the sweet...
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Episode One

3-14-08: So first day ...... WOW Jaclyn is FAB -- I mean flawless + I am surprised that I loved Kim Vo too -- didn't expect that, but anybody with a smile that doesn't stop I'm gonna love. We did a blindfold cut challenge and it was harder than I...
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