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Dee Adames

Driven, Desire, Dangerous

4/5/08 The twin challenge was intense! Jose Eber was the quest judge! Nicole won immunity! I need to win the next one! I am an amazing hair artist! I will win the next challenge and be the next Shear Genius!...
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Wig-ging Out

3/26/08 Today we went to the beach. This challenge was right up my alley! We cut men's hair on the beach! We had to maintain the "surfer hair" and transform them with a polish color for a night out. Again I was in the top 2 (me and Nicole). Nicole...
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Episode Four

3/23/08 Today is Easter Sunday and we have the day off. It's a beautiful day! I started with working out on the Balcony. I'm starting to feel like so out of shape. I need physical stimulant. My balcony is the only place I can get away from the gr...
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