Dee Adames

Dee Adams talks about being in the bottom 2, but making it to the final 3!

on Aug 13, 2008

4/5/08 The twin challenge was intense! Jose Eber was the quest judge! Nicole won immunity! I need to win the next one! I am an amazing hair artist! I will win the next challenge and be the next Shear Genius!

4/8/08 This is the night before the last elimination! I'm calm, cool, and collected... I have just meditated for about a half hour and feel better. I have been very patient and pretty much have kept to myself over the past few days with the other finalists -- Nicole, Daniel, and Charlie. Tomorrow is a big day and I am focused and ready! After the twin challenge the other day, I need to be better! Nicole won immunity for that one, so she has a secure place in the finale. Lucky biatch! I knew I would make it his far, and it's about believing in yourself and being real, having passion and going after your dreams. I don't know what tomorrow brings. But I do know that I will seize the moment!

Dee: Determined, driven, desire, dangerous. Focus, believe, imagine. The time has come to show the world who Dee is. The time has come to seize the moment. The time has come for me to shine.