Dee Adames

Dee Adams talks about being in the bottom 2, but making it to the final 3!

on Aug 13, 2008

4/9/08 What an intense day! Today was a photoshoot challenge! The pressure was on! I have to admit I was feeling the butterflies and nerves coming on. I quickly had a mental shift I turned the nerves into excitement and adrenaline! We all had a "season" theme, and I got autumn. At first I was a bit nervous because my model's hair was really fine. The first thing I asked her was if I could cut her hair. Luckily, she said yes! The extensions were the biggest challenge. They just would not hold because of her fine-textured hair. I almost started to panic when Rene came over to me. But I had to get it together quick! I decided to glue the extensions in instead. Thank God! It came out beautiful! I was sooo happy! My model looked great! I gave her this cool edgy asymmetrical bob with blonde and orange coloring. Grieco was the celebrity photographer and had some great direction for me. The entire shoot consisted of my model jumping on a trampoline while leaves fell from above. It was really cool and I think Michael got some awesome shots. I have a good feeling about this one! Let's see what the judges have to say. More to come...oh my model wrote me this sweet letter, I think ill read it in the interview.

4/10/08 "Lacked originality" was what got me in the bottom two! Those words Jaclyn said will haunt me for the rest of my life! I need to bring it on tomorrow. I was sweating bullets out there! But I'm still here!! Top 3! This is f------ amazing! What could possibly be in store? I just need to stay focused. Today was a major lesson to learn. Dee, you are original and must show that in the finale! Go in strong with color placement and make your edgy cuts sing! Take a risk and show off your talents! Can't wait for tomorrow...