Dee Adames

Dee Adams breaks down the contestants' personalities.

on Jul 15, 2008


Yeah, baby! I won today's challenge! People are starting to crumble! Meredith lost her s*** today and I got caught in the middle.

· Meredith's client was not happy with color she picked, and asked if I could "fix" it. Of course I asked if I can speak to Meredith first but she was tied up in an interview.

I of course said yes, and began to formulate and mix color. Meredith runs into the salon out of her interview and attacks the client!

The client begins to cry hysterically because Meredith made her feel like s***. I was in shock how unprofessionally Meredith handled herself just to save face!

Meredith did the wrong move into thinking she was going to take a platinum blonde to a redhead in 1 hr and

When we got back to the house of course Charlie wants to start drama and get in on it! I had to tell that queen to shut up! Of course Meredith is now building an alliance with him after she was talking s*** about him yesterday! This was a f***ing joke! Charlie and Meredith are going down! I am Shear Genius!