Dee Adames

Dee Adams' diary all about episode 3.

on Jul 9, 2008

3/20/08 OK -- today is a short cut challenge with updos. I'm going inot this with only positive thoughts. Here are a few: You are brilliant! You can do this! You are creative! So stay focused, Dee. Breathe and let your creativity guide you through. Your preparation will pay. Keep the curls big and loose. Her face is small so keep it high. The challenge is supposed to be detailed so I need to make sure that I build a good foundation. OK -- I did my best. I thought I had that one!!! My upstyle was beautiful! Everyone agreed! But what the f**k? Matt won that one. His "updo" looked like a tacky Christmas tree without the lights! Charlie came in second of course! What the f**k is this? The Charlie Show! I thought that the challenge was supposed to be intricate! His just looked just like a bush of hair on the top of the head. So the Cambell guy had no freaking clue! Whatever -- I need to get over it! Poor Nekisa -- she lost this one. Nicole was second worst. I'm glad I'm at least safe.

3/21/08 OK today was tough! It was the "red carpet" challenge. I started off good! And then the