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Glenn Mitchell

Difficult Clients

Saturday, March 29th Today is a new day! A fabulous day! It's the creative color challenge! I can't wait. Everyone is super pumped! We have four hours to create an edgy look for our clients! I've been waiting for this. Kim Vo is our judge. And he...
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I Will Stay 'til The End

Well the past two days have been total shit for me! Oscar Blandi was our guest judge. I was kinda excited to see him until he totally ripped me a new ass! I'm not used to someone not liking my work. So to hear his criticism was kinda hard! I'd...
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Episode Four

Today's Short Cut Challenge is CRAZY! And I love crazy! So we have to start by coloring our "1st" client, and then whenever they call time we have to switch clients and continue on with that client. I'm so excited -- I feel I've got such a HUGE a...
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Episode Three

Saturday 3/23 So over the past few days, Matt and I have not been getting along. He was picking at me and I wasn't being submissive to him so it really pissed him off. OH WELL! Then yesterday we had our "Short Cut" challenge. It was to put up...
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Episode Two

Monday 3/17 Yesterday was really fun. We went to Smashbox Studios and did some photo shoots. People are starting to bond more, and of course with that also comes a bit of pairing off. The more you learn about people, the more you either draw close...
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Episode One

Yesterday was just too much to put into words -- I placed fourth so I'm happy with that, of course. One always wants to be first, but my time will come. Today I feel much more confident, but my work looked NOTHING like everyone else's work. The...
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