Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith's advice for novice hairstylists.

on Jul 23, 2008

What is the best way to handle damaged hair?

When you are in salt water and the sun, you need to condition your hair at least every other day.

How should one take care of their hair after going to the beach?

Make sure you condition or use a leave-in conditioner and let it air dry.

What did you think of the haircuts?

I thought they were pretty good. I think that Oscar was right on in his selection. I agreed with him fully.

How does cutting a wig differ from cutting real hair?

It is more difficult to cut a wig. It doesn't grow back. I think you really need to thin a wig. I'd rather see less hair then more hair on a wig. I like a wig to have a lot of color, because it gives the wig dimension and depth.