Jaclyn Smith

Whose bob was closest to perfection? Jaclyn Smith tells you.

on May 30, 20070

This has really been an exciting competition, and now we're down to our final three stylists and our final challenges.  Ben has come a long way in this competition and showed why he is such a good stylist. His bob from the challenge was very nice, but not quite the Nancy Kwon bob. I loved the bangs but the bob itself wasn't as angled as I would have liked. I was really impressed by the fact that Ben tried an updo, even though it's not his strong suit. The front was beautiful, but the back didn't seem quite right, and I felt like it wasn't finished.

However, in trying the updo, Ben showed me that he was really putting everything on the line here and trying his best to win the competition. And he definitely could have. Ben is a very strong stylist and in my opinion, his freestyle was the best of the three. I have loved watching his cuts and the wonderful improvement he has made with his technical skill.

To me, Daisy was a disappointment. Her freestyle didn't make any sense for someone of her talent and ability. Bottom line -- it wasn't very good. I liked the story she was trying to tell but overall I wasn't sure where she was headed with it. That was what really killed it for me. Her bob was great. The color was very glamorous, but like the others, it could have been a little shorter in the back. Again, Daisy has simply amazing talent and what really got her on this one was her freestyle. And what was with those pin curls?