Jaclyn Smith

Find out who impressed Jaclyn Smith this week.

on May 23, 2007


I think it's safe to say we all fell for Daisy's "wet hair" look. It may not have been as difficult a style as some of the others but, as my friend Sally said, "wet hair is anything but easy." It tends to clump or get matted but Daisy kept the hair alive and flowing. She also showed that she really is a team player. She took directions very well and delivered exactly what Matthew was looking for.

Anthony, in my opinion, made two big mistakes on this one. First, he should have worked with the model's own hair instead of using that piece. Also, he didn't quite get what Matthew was looking for with the shoot. When Matthew mentioned his concern about the model's roots Anthony should have picked up on that and addressed the problem sooner rather than later. By adding that piece instead of using the model's own hair it made the whole thing look a little fake.

And Dr. Boogie...he's another one that could have left the extra pieces out. After he put in those final pieces of hair, I'll be honest, it looked like a nest of snakes. It didn't look real at all and that took away from the overall style. He also wasn't much of a team player on this one, constantly stopping Matthew so he could work on her hair and add more pieces. Ultimately, it just made things look worse.